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As Seen on FOX 11 - Last Minute Pivot Saves Broadcast

With only 24 hours to spare, the entire event had to pivot from in-person to virtual with the key players beaming in remotely from the safety of their homes and offices. Watch the video to see how we pulled it off!

Live Streaming platforms we support: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitch

Transforming Ideas Into Experiences

Webcast & Beyond live streaming in Hollywood

Broadcasting LIVE on location in Hollywood

Serving Los Angeles, Orange County and beyond, our mission is to provide an all-inclusive event live streaming solution so that you can focus on your message while we manage the technical, creative, and logistical broadcast operations.  With our wrap-around service your ideas become engaging experiences for your audience. Want to showcase 1000 live feeds of your team members on a video wall behind your presenters? That’s engagement alright, and we’ve done it!

Broadcast to multiple destinations including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, or your organization website. There are options for public or private viewing pages with custom registration and paywall integration. We supply the pre-production support, A/V equipment, crew, live streaming network, web development, technical support, and marketing analytics.

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Innovation | Engineering | Production

Remote Virtual Teleprompter

Remote Virtual Teleprompter – One of our recent innovations

When working with us, the first step is to develop a plan and workflow that fulfills your vision and budget. Innovation begins during the pre-production stage. Our Production Designer partners with you to craft an engaging Run Of Show based on the unique attributes of your organization and resources. Innovation  then flows into Engineering, where we forge new virtual tool sets to assist your talent and audience. One recent example is our Remote Virtual Teleprompter. This invention allows our teleprompter operator to scroll the script from our Master Control Center, merging the text over the talent’s program feed. This preserves correct eyeline to the remote talent’s camera and eliminates the need for installation of expensive prompter screens at each location.

Webcast & Beyond Master Control for Remote Production Workflows

Webcast & Beyond Master Control for Remote Production

For Production we deploy assets where needed. We have all the necessary live streaming service equipment including 4K cameras, lighting, video switchers, streaming encoders, audio mixers, recorders, routers and redundant FAILSAFE components.  

Add to the mix our master control television studio for pre and post editing, including  live remote switching (aka REMI production). This includes graphics & titles,  green screen compositing, color correction, voice-over recording, and sound mixing.

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Fully Managed Service

Project Schematic

Planning for Success – Custom Production Layout and Interconnect Schematic

Your live production should make a big impact and run perfectly. To accomplish this you need a trusted partner to work with you from conception to completion, providing creative input and technological guidance. Our Concierge Wrap-around service does just that. Planning for success then following through with a precise and reliable workflow, we deliver on all fronts! Additionally, with our Failsafe stream protection process you get the peace of mind knowing that your live stream has the best safeguards in place against failure.  You only get one shot at it when it’s live!

We invite you to ask questions and seek our advice for your particular event.

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Our Live Streaming Services Offer These FAILSAFE Measures:

Features & Use Cases

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Multi-camera Live-switched Production

Complete Hi-Def camera & audio packages from single-camera to multi-camera set-ups with professional crew custom tailored to meet your vision and budget.

REMI Remote Production Services

Our fully-equipped Master Control studio supports remote production workflows. In addition we have remote in-the-field options both manned and unmanned including easy to use streaming kits.

Consierge Wrap-around Service

Beyond mere live stream production, we collaborate with your team from project conception, through development of the run of show, to set design, creation of pre-recorded segments, then on to rehearsals, directing talent, and finally executing the show broadcast.

Complete ZOOM Integration

Step up the Engagement Factor. Bring in large groups to your broadcast in gallery view or pin individuals to participate live. We can even broadcast your show in full 1080P high definition video on the Zoom platform!

Microsoft TEAMS Integration

Bring in large groups to your broadcast in gallery view or pin individuals to participate live. We can broadcast your show directly on the Teams platform to stay aligned with your enterprise workflow and security protocols.

Stream to YouTube / Facebook

Live stream to multiple social media destinations such as YouTube or Facebook Live. Other popular options include Instagram, Twitch & Twitter.

Video Wall Background and Virtual Sets

Present in front of a bigger-than-life video wall featuring your Teams or Zoom audience or a custom virtual set!

Flexible Viewing Options

Your video can be viewed on a variety of platforms and websites. We can host for you or supply an iframe for your webmaster.

vMix Call Remote Presenter System

We utilize the latest remote collaboration technology to host up to 8 guests / presenters at distant locations. Unlike Zoom or Teams, each guest is connected directly to our studio using a web browser allowing for full control of the video and audio quality. Also included is a Green Room where talent and producers can collaborate off-air.


We offer a complete teleprompter solution for your scripted teleproduction. Multiple screens, one for each camera angle, make it easy for your talent to keep the perfect eyeline for each on-set camera. In addition, we offer a virtual teleprompter solution for remote gusts that we control from our studio.

Security & Privacy

Keep your message secure and protected with our private live streams that offer user authentication with global or unique passwords, geo-restrictions that allow only certain regions access, and embedding protections that restrict which URL can host your broadcast.

Registration System

We have a customizable registration system to support automated online sign-ups for your event.

Pay-Per-View Option

We set up and administrate a video pay wall complete with customer service for your subscribers.

Presentation Capture

We capture visuals as they happen from the projection system.  No need to upload slides or video files in advance.  The audience sees the slides and presenter side-by-side or full frame.

Internet with Cellular Bonding

In situations where internet is unavailable or unreliable we can provide the internet uplink using wireless 4G/5G cellular bonding technology.  Essentially, multiple connections are integrated into one robust data path.

Corporate Communications

Typical scenarios include all hands meetings, shareholder meetings, and  employee training.

Galas / Fundraisers

All formats including virtual, remote, in-person, and hybrid.

Award Shows

Complete production and broadcast package OR hire us for the streaming component. We hook up to your broadcast truck and provide the webcast stream to your audience.

Conferences / Symposiums

Keynote address, panel discussions, breakout sessions, and workshops.

Sales & Marketing

Including product launches / demonstrations / focus groups & market research.

Satellite Media Tours

We provide a live feed with our production team to your control center OR we can provide Master Control for your affiliates

Remote Interviews

Let us send you a  broadcast quality feed of your talent from wherever they are. Options for our crew or un-manned workflows.

Press Conferences

We have a mobile streaming setup to cover these types of events whether indoors or outdoors.

Government Functions

Town hall meetings and other civic functions.

Red Carpet Events

We have wireless roving cameras to cover the action on the red carpet as well as on-stage activities.

Live Performances

High-end sound and cinematic coverage of concerts, and club-style performances.

Webinar Production

We provide the front-end A/V production to integrate with your webinar platform.  When quality matters you don’t want to be stuck using a webcam!

Continuing Education Learning

If you produce Continuing Education Seminars, we have the perfect solution to extend your market globally.

Recent Clients

Webcast & Beyond event live streaming services are utilized across all sectors throughout Los Angeles and Orange County including: Major Brands / Non-profits / Corporate / Military / Entertainment & Education.