All Event Live Streaming with FAILSAFE Protection

Our mission is to provide a complete all-inclusive event live streaming solution so that you can focus on your event while we manage the technical, creative, and logistical operations.  We supply the A/V equipment, crew, streaming network, web development, customer support, and marketing analytics.  But most importantly, with our Failsafe system you get the peace of mind knowing that your live stream has the best safeguards in place against failure.  You only get one shot at it when it’s live!

Our on-site multi-camera production services include these 4 preventative measures:

event live streaming in action at a trade showEvent Live Streaming is what we do.  We are passionate about customizing solutions for our clients which consists of businesses and organizations spanning most of Southern California.  We travel out of state as needed but most of our work is concentrated in the Greater Los Angeles area, Orange County, and Ventura County.  Did you come to the right place?  Well if you are looking for someone to handle all of the details and get it right the first time, read on.

When working with us, the first step is to develop a plan and workflow that fulfills your vision and budget.  If need be we can supply lighting, PA, internet, and presentation gear or interface with the venue’s equipment and technicians.  Before the event we coordinate with the venue to make sure all prerequisites are met.  In some cases we will go onsite to survey the room and test the internet.  It is also during this pre-event period that we set up the streaming distribution network, viewing web pages, and optional registration / password / pay-per-view systems.

When it’s showtime, our crew will arrive early for setup (in some cases the day before).  We have all the necessary equipment including HD cameras, video switcher, streaming encoder, audio mixer, recorders, routers and redundant FAILSAFE components.  Your show is then streamed and recorded to the destination(s) of your choice.  Depending on the platform we use, your content may be immediately available for replay or we can edit and upload your files for on-demand viewing.  We will also provide you with a high resolution local recording of the event.

In addition to our on-site production service we have a studio for enhancing your video both before and after the event. This includes graphics & titles, insert stage with green screen, video editing, color correction, voice-over recording, sound mixing, and DVD/Blu-ray authoring.

Presumably you are already sold on the value proposition that live streaming offers, or maybe you are exploring options to help make a decision.  Either way don’t be shy!  We invite you to REACH OUT by phone or email to get your immediate questions and concerns answered.


Stream to YouTube / Facebook

Live stream to multiple social media destinations such as YouTube or Facebook Live. Other popular options include Twitch & Twitter.

HD Broadcast Experience

Complete Hi-Def camera packages from single-camera to multi-camera set-ups with professional crew custom tailored to meet your vision and budget.

Custom Viewing Page

We will create a landing page for your broadcast tailored to your specifications.

Pay-Per-View Option

We set up and administrate a video pay wall complete with customer service for your subscribers.

Skype / Remote Presenter Integration

We utilize the latest remote collaboration technology, including Skype to include presenters at distant locations.

Presentation Capture

We capture visuals as they happen from the projection system.  No need to upload slides or video files in advance.  The audience sees the slides and presenter side-by-side or full frame.

Live Q&A

Options to include your viewing audience in the discussion using built-in chat box or audio return.

Cellular Bonding

In situations where internet is unavailable we supply the internet uplink using modern 4G cellular bonding technology.  Essentially, multiple wireless connections are integrated into one robust data path.

Immediate Archive - VOD

Cloud-based recording and DVR functionality offer immediate playback for your audience.

Our Specialties

Conferences / Symposiums

Typically we handle the keynote address, panel discussions, and workshops.

Sales & Marketing

Including product launches / demonstrations / focus groups & market research.

Trade Shows

Center stage talk show production, on-the-floor interviews with exhibitors.

Press Conferences

We have a mobile streaming setup to cover these types of events whether indoors or outdoors.

Government Functions

Town hall meetings and other civic functions.

Red Carpet Events

We have wireless roving cameras to cover the action on the red carpet as well as on-stage activities.

Live Performances

We cover Concerts, pageants, musical theater, recitals, and more.

Corporate Communications

Typical scenarios include all hands meetings, shareholder meetings, and  employee training.

Webinar Production

We provide the front-end A/V production to integrate with your webinar platform.  When quality matters you don’t want to be stuck using a webcam!

Recent Clients

Our Event Live Streaming Services are utilized across all sectors including: Major Brands / Non-profits / Corporate / Military / Entertainment & Education.