Live Video Production & Live Streaming Services

All Production Formats   

  • In-Person
  • Virtual
  • Remote
  • Hybrid
  • In-Studio
  • Pre-Recorded

Full Spectrum of Solutions   

  • Multi-camera live-switch
  • Camera choices from cinematic to robotic
  • Staging and lighting
  • Full suite of audio tools
  • Talent support
  • Broadcast management
  • Mobile studio
  • REMI Remote feed to our Master Control
  • All crew positions staffed with experienced professionals

Fully Managed Service

  • Pre-production planning
  • Project conceptualization
  • Run Of Show management
  • Pre-record filming
  • Graphics
  • Project logisitics
  • Streaming Network configuration
  • Custom web page design
  • Production operations
  • Post-production & viewer analytics

  Audience Engagement

  • Live chat
  • Q&A | Live-polls | Attendance verification
  • Gamification
  • Virtual expo integration
  • Fundraising platform integration
  • Virtual sets
  • Video walls
  • Zoom & Teams gallery interaction

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Case Study: Campbell Hall

This slideshow case study provides a quick look at the creative approach one client chose to maximize space by creating 3 sets in one auditorium with the production crew in the middle. With 3 sets to work with, the 80's MTV theme was brought to life in a fun, engaging visual environment.

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Contemporary Production Styles

Combine captivating set design, cinematic picture and sound, dazzling audience engagement, and bullet-proof broadcast engineering and you have our recipe for an awesome event. As your trusted production partner we work with you from conception to completion, providing creative input, technological guidance, and flawless execution. No matter the style and format of your event we have the experience and expertise to make it happen with impact and perfection.

Live streaming can be classified into several categories including: IN-PERSON, VIRTUAL, HYBRID, REMOTE, and PRE-RECORDED not to mention combinations of these. What do these terms mean and why should you care? Below we will explain what they mean with examples from our portfolio so that you can choose the best fit for your production.

In-Person Production

DEFINITION: Talent/Presenters are at the venue along with a local audience. Production is geared towards the in-person experience.

VIRTUAL Production

DEFINITION: Talent/Presenters are at the venue. Audience is online. Production is geared towards a televised experience.

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Remote Production

DEFINITION: Some or all of the talent/participants and/or production team are participating at different locations using a real-time online connection.

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Hybrid Production

DEFINITION: A combination of In-person AND Virtual formats where the production is geared towards BOTH local and online audiences.

In-Studio Production

DEFINITION: A live stream or broadcast that originates from a professional sound stage. Webcast & Beyond typically supplies the production equipment.

Pre-recorded Streaming

DEFINITION: A production that was recorded earlier and streamed at a later time as if it were live.