Symposium / Live Webcast

The Southern California Genealogical Society puts on a huge 4-day symposium every year in Burbank California. We provide live-streaming coverage of some of their key presenters during the 4 day extravaganza. The first day is offered on a pay-per-view basis.  The remaining three days are streamed free of charge thanks to the sponsorship of In this excerpt, we showcase our 2CAM+ package which is perfect for symposiums of all kinds. You will see a wide shot, followed by a close up of the presenter, then a side-by-side shot of presenter with PowerPoint, then full screen PowerPoint. Having all of these options makes for an impactful video presentation.

What we did
  • Web Design – Landing page for the live-streaming player
  • Set up a pay-per-view system
  • On-location 2-camera plus presentation capture live-switch production package with crew
  • Encoding
  • Streaming network