Award Show Red Carpet / Live Stream to Facebook

Live Streamed from the Dolby Theater Red Carpet in Hollywood for the NAACP 50th Image Awards, Webcast & Beyond supported the social media management firm, 360 Total Solutions to broadcast the official “Red Carpet Live!” show.  This was a substantial  undertaking that required 4 camera stations (one of them wireless), a teleprompter, IFB monitors for the on-air talent, redundant streaming encoders and a state-of-the-art Sure AD4Q wireless microphone system.

What we did
  • On-location 4-camera live streaming package with 8 person crew including 3 camera operators, a technical director, teleprompter operator, audio engineer, graphics operator and webcast engineer
  • 8 channel wireless audio
  • Teleprompter
  • Handheld wireless video unit
  • Wireless IFB monitors for talent
  • Video monitors for each station
  • Dual redundant live streaming encoders feeding Facebook Live