Virtual Fundraiser

Campbell Hall is a private school located in Studio City, California. This virtual event raised over $1,000,000 with the help of several celebrity guests. Unique to this production was the creative use of the auditorium which was partitioned into to 3 sets with the production crew in the middle. With 3 sets to work with, the 80’s MTV theme was brought to life in a fun, engaging visual environment.

What we did
  • Provided on-site 4-camera live switched production
  • Provided 2 virtual sets using green screen chroma key technology
  • Provided 3-screen teleprompter system
  • Provided realtime graphic donation updates
  • Streamed the live event to Twitch
  • Provided live video roll-ins
  • Provided on-set Big Screen TV monitor for graphics and video roll-ins
  • Provided graphics
  • Provided studio lighting package
  • Provided audio services including wireless mics