How do you handle it when all of your careful planning for a production is waylaid at the last moment?

This is the story of COAF, the Children of Armenia Fund, an international NPO who in August of 2021  planned a Summer Soiree fundraiser hosted at a hillside mansion in Southern California. We received word just days before the scheduled broadcast that one of the cohosts and the auctioneer had been exposed to the Covid Delta Variant and were locked down in quarantine. With only 24 hours to spare, the entire event had to pivot to a virtual production with the key players beaming in remotely from the safety of their homes and offices. Yet, in spite of this disruption we quickly deployed all of our resources and expertise to provide for a quality broadcast experience for the cast and online audience. In the end, COAF exceeded their original fundraising goal of $350,000 with a whopping $540,000 final tally. Watch the video to see how we pulled it off!

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