Concert / Live Webcast

The Amani Children’s Choir is an amazing group of talented youngsters from Uganda on a six month tour of America to raise awareness of the needs of orphaned children in their home country. This live performance at St. Stephen Presbyterian Church in Chatsworth, California was streamed live on December 28, 2014. The event was produced by a one-man crew (Gregg Hall in this instance) who operated two cameras, the switcher, the encoder and balanced the audio feed. Normally in a situation like this you would have 2 cameramen, a technical director, an encoding engineer, and an audio technician but as you might guess, this would really amp up the budget.

Shown here is a highlight from the performance / worship service.  Not only was this a one-man production endeavour but there was no tech rehearsal, no control over the lighting, no blocking the shots, and total unfamiliarity with the show itself.  Welcome to the world of live event streaming! In the end, the production value was quite good considering the constraints we had to deal with.

What we did
  • On-location 2-camera live-switch package with crew of one
  • Interface with house audio – add in ambient mics
  • Live Webcast