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27 years of broadcast industry experience


Grand Opening 1993

When Gregg Hall founded Soundscape Productions in 1991, webcasting services didn't even exist. Back then the company focus was producing radio commercials and two years after that Soundscape opened a brand new post-production facility in Sherman Oaks, California to record and mix audio for cable television & industrial films.

Dubscape Inc.

New company opens in 1997

After relocating to West Los Angeles (4 blocks north of Sony Pictures Studio), Dubscape was launched to add video services including editing, duplication, and web production. Major clients included: MTV, VH1, Animal Planet, Sony Pictures, & CBS Television.

Webcast & Beyond

Launched in 2010

Gregg moved his base of operations to Canoga Park, CA and restructured the company. Webcast & Beyond was created to specialize in live streaming & webcasting, Soundscape continued on with voice-over recording and sound mixing, and Dubscape became the parent company of both operations.

Gregg Hall

Webcast Producer, President

Gregg spends considerable time and effort researching the best equipment and techniques to ensure that our webcasting services are both high quality and reliable. He currently supervises all aspects of technical operations from planning through execution to ensure success for our clients.

Recent Clients

Successful results, satisfied customers

Our mission is to provide complete all-inclusive live event live streaming services so that you can focus on your event while we manage the technical, creative, and logistical operations. We supply the A/V equipment, crew, streaming network, web development, customer support, and marketing analytics. But most importantly, with our Failsafe system you get the peace of mind knowing that your live stream webcast has the best safeguards in place against failure.

Samples of Our Work